Giving at Christ the King

Several weeks ago, I was talking with a fellow church member who had just purchased a new car. As we were talking about makes and models and how they decided what to buy, he said a profound thing to me: “We narrowed the search to several cars with a wide price range...and then we started thinking about how Christ the King will probably be doing a capital campaign at some point, and we want to be able to give to needs at the church, and ultimately, that made the decision really easy to go with the cheaper option.”

I nodded enthusiastically and probably said something to appear spiritual and supportive, but deep down, his comment left me wondering: Would I have made the same decision? Am I making financial choices through the lens of my tithe? I mean, after all, a car is a big purchase! And I want the sunroof and the nice sound system, and of course, better safety features and good mileage…and ok, I admit, it’d be great to get a knowing nod from the more discerning car enthusiasts the first time I drive into a parking lot…How can these decisions be “really easy”?

The conversation has stuck with me and felt particularly relevant as I listened to Gill Dolan’s stewardship update two Sundays ago. Clearly, I needed that reminder about how tithing is an opportunity, not an obligation. God has made tithing an act of worship. The same way we sing praises, or read scripture together, or participate in prayer, tithing reminds us that we are in relationship with the Creator of the universe and everything in it. It’s all His!

Listening to Gill, I was struck by God’s amazing faithfulness to Christ the King—from our staff to our beautiful building to our incredible ministries—all of it is made possible by our community giving generously and consistently to our church. It creates this incredible sense of joy that we get to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Every Sunday we experience firsthand what an incredible blessing—and privilege—it is to participate in the life of our church in such a meaningful way.

We have just a few weeks left until CTK’s fiscal year end, and a little over $1 million left to raise to meet our budget needs. I encourage you to consider how you and your family will join with fellow members to help make our church vision and mission possible. 
Ryan Dolibois
Christ the King Elder