Pastoral Care & Shepherding

Christ the King functions under the presbyterian form of church government. The congregation elects elders and deacons to serve as the officers of the church.

Elders oversee the church through governance and spiritual care. They care for church members through prayer, encouragement, visitation of the sick, instruction, and discipleship. The elders are aided in their work by lay members who serve as elder advisors.
If you need help connecting with a pastor or elder, please email Catherine Duffin, Director of Spiritual Care.

Deacon Care

Deacons minister to the church through acts of service and mercy. They care for church members by providing financial relief, widow and elderly care, budget and financial coaching, and other tangible acts of mercy care. Deacons are church officers who are elected by the congregation and ordained to serve as deacons. The deacons are aided in their work by lay members who serve as deacon assistants.

Member to Member CAre

Meals Team

One way our church members care for one another after the birth of a child, a surgery, or a death in the family is by providing nourishing meals. This effort is led by volunteers and meals are provided by church members who have expressed an interest in doing so. If you would like to help care for our church members by providing a meal when a need arises, please email Catherine Duffin

Care Connect

Throughout the year we offer various gatherings called Care Connect. These gatherings bring together members who are walking through similar seasons of hardship such as chronic illness, memory loss care, and more. Keep an eye on our Weekly News email and the events calendar for upcoming topics and dates.

Pregnancy Loss & Infertility CAre

We know how isolating the grief of a miscarriage or infertility can be, and we want you to know you are not alone. If you are walking through the loss of a pregnancy or infertility, we would love to connect you with a community of church members who have gone through a similar experience. Please email Catherine Duffin to find out more.  

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Catherine Duffin

Director of Spiritual Care

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