Worship through Creativity & Order

As Christians, we are called to worship God in every aspect of our lives. This includes how we approach our relationships, work, hobbies, and even our daily routines. As our church began to focus on living into A Life of Worship, I began to reflect on the role of creativity and order in my daily life. As a creative person, I feel like all of life is meant to be spontaneous, a beautiful mess. I have a tendency to resist order and routine. I have always thought that using my creativity to bring beauty to the world, is the way in which I best reflect the creativity of my Creator. However, I have come to realize that I am also a wonderful reflection of God when I maintain order and structure in my life, because he is a God of order. He is perfectly creative and orderly at the same time. Therefore, I can live in the freedom of knowing that when I am both creative and orderly, I am honoring and glorifying him each day. Whether it's through art, music, or even the way we organize our daily to-do list, we can worship God through both creativity and order. They are not mutually exclusive, as I once thought.

As I ponder these thoughts of creativity and order as a means of worship, I think of music. There is nothing quite like music to bring creativity and order together to create something magical. Out of the chaos of discordant notes, the measures of a song can bring us to tears, vividly recall a memory, and calm us like nothing else. At some of the darkest moments in our lives, often the only thing we can call to mind are the hymns that we have sung over and over. Those beautiful lines of poetry and scripture put to music that stick with us, bring us comfort, and remind us of God’s majesty.

My college friend, Caroline Cobb, just released an album of music based on the Psalms. She says “Every song is a sword…joy is resistance.” As a self-professed rebel and mom of a Star Wars fan, I like the idea of my joy and my singing being an act of resistance against the brokenness and darkness of this world. When Jesus returns and creation is brought back into order, even the trees will sing for joy! They will be singing, along with us, that Jesus Christ is Lord! He who conquered sin, brokenness, chaos, rebellion, and death is worthy of our worship.

As we consider how to live a life of worship, I encourage you to be both creative and orderly and to take part in acts of joyful resistance as you sing praises to the King!
Jaime Coffey