Student Ministry

As we all know, middle and high school are challenging times of life that seem to have only gotten more difficult in the past few years. Reading the statistics of the increasingly high rate of teens with anxiety and depression can leave all of us feeling hopeless and afraid. However, amid this darkness, I have seen a bright light of hope amongst our students, families, and church. It has been so encouraging to see God at work in mighty ways in our students and through their lives.

One way that I have seen God at work in our students’ lives is through their excitement and commitment to be an active part of youth group and the church as a whole. By showing up to corporate worship, Sunday School, and church events our students are fighting against cultural voices, norms, and pressures. They are sacrificing time that could be spent advancing themselves athletically, academically, and socially in order to worship and serve the Lord. Being plugged into the church can seem like a mundane task at times but it is vital for our students to be active parts of the church body. I have seen the Lord use His church and His people to shape and form our students to love His word, love others, and stand strong in the truth. Our youth group has been greatly impacted by our students and families prioritizing the importance of church. As we pause our weeks and gather as brothers and sisters in Christ, we are making the declaration that Christ has the final victory over all these things our students are wrestling with and facing. We are declaring that no matter what is going on in the world around us we are anchored to something greater that will never lead us astray. It is a way for our students to remind one another and those around them that whatever you are walking through, you are not walking through it alone. It is a joy to watch our families fight this fight together and to fight alongside you.
This week, our high school students are attending Reformed Youth Ministries summer camp in Florida. Our middle school students will also attend Reformed Youth Ministries summer camp in August. I invite you to join us in prayer as our students spend the week in fellowship with one another and growing in their knowledge and love for the Lord. Please pray that their relationships with one another and the Lord will deepen and strengthen through their time at camp.
Lauren Daniels