Serving as Worship

The upcoming new ministry year launch marks a fresh opportunity for each of us, individually and as families, to discern where the Lord may be calling us to serve.

Christ the King believes that serving is an outpouring of our worship. Every act of service, every moment of reaching out to others, becomes a form of worship, an offering to the One who gave us life. We are not just a church; we are a movement of worshippers who extend love and compassion beyond our walls.

There are a myriad of ways to serve with our Mission Partners across the city. Whether it's through our own church initiatives such as the Traveling Table, which gathers neighbors around a table for fellowship and food, the Made With Love Meals Ministry that spreads nourishment and care, or through tutoring and mentoring at Housman Elementary that shapes young minds, there is a place for everyone to make a meaningful impact.

This year, we encourage you to ask yourself, "Where will I show up to love my neighbor?" Our city is waiting, our neighbors are longing, and together, we can create ripples of change. If you want to get connected, please reach out to me or Kim Dolibois, our local mission coordinator.

Thank you for your dedication, your love, and your commitment. May this year be filled with countless opportunities to worship through service, to love through action, and to shine the light of Christ in every corner of our lives.
Mary Elizabeth Heard