Loving Our Neighbor As An Act Of Worship

Living our whole lives as an act of worship probably looks absurd to the unbeliever and yet seems perfectly natural to those who know the redemption of Christ.

Believers know the free gift of eternal life and are free from bondage to the things of this earth. This makes us strangers in our own city and sojourners in this world. We look “different” because we are marked by God as belonging to him! The opportunities this provides us are innumerable in a city filled with people “passing through” or living here temporarily. In a city like Houston, so culturally and religiously inclusive, we are the different ones. 

We can love our neighbors, colleagues, coaches, sales clerks, teachers, and fellow Houstonians through small, intentional acts of service that show love and allow people to feel seen. Take someone a meal from our Made with Love ministry or sign up to make those meals so others can take them. Invite someone you know isn’t from here to join you for an activity at the church: Bible Studies, Men’s Breakfasts, Sacred Studio, etc. Have people over for cake and coffee. Give some of the Christian picture books your kids have outgrown to a new mom on your street. When we love God with our whole lives it pours out of us into a fallen world. 

Worship is so often associated with music and singing. Are our lives an irresistible tune that other people want to know the words to? God will transform this world one day. As we patiently endure, remember that kindness done in our Savior's name can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors as God uses us to extend his Kingdom!
Michelle Hon