Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday Morning classes are great places to be taught, inspired, and encouraged in our walk with Jesus. Classes are taught Sunday mornings on the third floor by pastors and church members who are passionate about helping us grow in wisdom and understanding of Scripture and our world. Topics vary from those designed to introduce core concepts of the faith, others that deepen your faith, and those that seek to empower you for mission.

Adult Sunday Morning Classes

June 2 - June 30

9:00 am

Room A300

10:30 am

The Redeemer Room
College Students
Room A300
Philippians: Things don't always go the way we intend. It's easy to feel discouraged because what we hope for is badly thwarted, or because people make life difficult. After 20 years of ministry, Paul found himself under house arrest and chained to a Roman guard with no certainty that he would ever be freed again. In those circumstances, he wrote a letter to the Philippians exhorting them to find joy and contentment in Christ. What was the source of his own joy? Join us as we learn from Paul the art of seeing God's purposes working out through problems and difficulties, which will deepen our own confidence in God's power.

Meet the team

Ryan Dougan

Director of Young Adults Ministry

Andrés Zelaya

Assistant Pastor of Adult Ministries

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