Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday Morning classes are great places to be taught, inspired, and encouraged in our walk with Jesus. Classes are taught Sunday mornings on the third floor by pastors and church members who are passionate about helping us grow in wisdom and understanding of Scripture and our world. Topics vary from those designed to introduce core concepts of the faith, others that deepen your faith, and those that seek to empower you for mission.

Adult Sunday Morning Classes

9:00 am

The Gospel of Mark
Room A300, through December 17
Who is Jesus? Why did he come to earth? The Gospel of Mark was written to answer these questions. It depicts a Jesus of good news—and urgent challenge. The clever author of this gospel masterfully weaves together episodes that encourage attentive reading, especially if we want to understand more about the audience that first heard this book. Understood to be the earliest of the four canonical gospels, Mark offers an uncluttered yet vivid narrative. This story of good news, challenge, and literary delight makes the Gospel of Mark a wonderful book to study in community.

10:30 am

The Gospel of Mark
The Redeemer Room, through December 17
Basic Training
Room A300, through October 1
Have you ever wondered, “What does Christ the King believe about that?” In the Basic Training class we delve deeper into Christ the King's mission principles, theological convictions, and philosophy of ministry. This class is required for leadership in the church and we encourage every member to attend.

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Ryan Dougan

Director of Young Adults Ministry

Andrés Zelaya

Assistant Pastor of Adult Ministries

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