The Silber Road Soccer League

This year I have spent time reflecting on our church’s focus of Life of Worship. What typically first comes to mind is the act of gathered worship during Sunday services. As I have reflected on it more, however, I have seen that there are so many ways we can live a Life of Worship. For some this may look like actively singing and worshipping the Lord and for others this may look like dedicated quiet times to reflect on all the Lord has done and is doing.

This can also look like enjoying all the wonderful things the Lord has provided for us. This can be anything from enjoying delicious food from your favorite restaurant to taking your family on a walk to enjoy His creation. In all these ways, we acknowledge that He is the Creator that is worthy of our praise.

One way we live a Life of Worship here at Christ the King is by reaching others who may not know about Jesus and inviting them to join in and see all the things the Lord has created for us to enjoy. I have had the wonderful experience of getting to see this firsthand at our church through the Silber Road Soccer League.

Some of you may not know this, but for the past five years we have opened our fields to over 200 young adults in Houston for a bi-annual soccer league. The Lord has used what originally started as a fun way of getting young adults at the church together and turned it into a missional outreach that welcomes people from all different backgrounds onto our church campus. He has created a place where people feel welcomed and included and get to enjoy His creation while also being poured into by members of our church. He truly is worthy of our praise!

Be on the lookout in the new year for news and information on the Silber Road Soccer League if you are interested at all in volunteering or participating!
Jared Daniels
Christ the King Member