In these gospel-centered groups, we form meaningful relationships, care for one another, and study God’s Word.  The groups meet in neighborhoods around the city on different days of the week.  Most Community Groups take a break over the summer, but now is a great time to connect with a group to find out about summer socials and when regular meetings will resume.  Register online or contact Richard Colquitt for more information.

Location Day Time Leaders
Briargrove Thursday 7:00 pm Sarah Jane and Will Paton
Christ the King Sunday 5:30 pm Rebecca and Tim Brown
Christ the King Sunday 5:30 pm Jaime and Patrick Coffey
Christ the King Sunday 5:30 pm Lauren and Brad DeLoach
Christ the King Sunday 5:30 pm Carol and Vic Thomas
Heights Tuesday 7:00 pm Kathleen and Gill Dolan & Abby and John Ainsworth
Heights Thursday 7:00 pm Kami and D.J. Beaty
Heights Thursday 7:30 pm Erica and Mark DiBella



6:30 pm

Kim and Hugh Byrd

Memorial Thursday 7:00 pm Christi and Ari Pramudji
Memorial Thursday 6:30 pm Cindy and John Synnott & Midge and Frank Whitson


Wednesday 7:30 pm

Jennifer and Kevin Cassidy

North Houston

Saturday (every other)

5:00 pm

 Pat and Dave Randall
Pearland Sunday (2nd & 4th) 5:30 pm Dan and Kathy Puperi & Paul and Catherine Duffin
West Houston Sunday
6:30 pm
Jenny and Eric Levenhagen & Barbara and Tom Fowler

West University/Bellaire


7:00 pm

Kathleen and Al Fenoy

West University Wednesday (every other) 7:30 pm Jenny and Blake Webster

Some of these groups may currently be at maximum capacity.  Availability changes throughout the year, so please let us know the day of the week that is best for you and the area of town in which you live and we will place you in a group according to availability and your preferences.