Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adults Community is a group of singles and married couples both with and without kids. We are seeking to love and care for one another as we learn to follow Christ throughout our lives in the city of Houston.

We do this in different ways:

Community Groups

We believe that being in small groups is one of the best ways to learn about Christ through study, fellowship, and care.

The Third Space

If you live in Houston, it is most likely that your life is made up of two particular spaces. Your first space is your home – a place for rest and relationships with family and roommates. Your second space is your work or school – a place of tasks and achievement. A third space is a neutral meeting ground - a place of connection and relaxation - and in a city like Houston, it can be hard to find.  Let us help with that.  The Third Space is where we push against the brokenness and disconnection we might feel in a big city like Houston.   Our goal is to find a space where we can come together, eat good food, and get to know our city and the people in it.  Come and join us as we seek to love our city and each other in The Third SpaceWe will meet once a month, on the 3rd Thursday, at 6:30 pm. Locations will vary. Contact Taylor Leachman or check out the calendar for location information.

Summer / Winter Series

Twice a year, we will cancel our weekly Community Groups to gather together as an entire group to sing, hear a message from God’s word, and gather as a large group of Young Adults from all over Houston. The Summer Series will meet every Wednesday evening during the month of June, and the Winter Series will do the same during the month of January.

We want to know you! Join us at one of our events, or chat with us through a variety of media: