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We are called to be people of prayer. Christ the King wants to encourage you to pray regularly and fervently and understand the importance of allowing others to pray for you.

Below you will see our mission and congregational prayers, which are updated weekly.  You will also find a form where you can submit a prayer request.


  • Pray for Blake Arnoult as he serves as RUF campus minister at The University of Houston. Please pray that the students he serves would persevere in their faith and love of Jesus; that they would not neglect meeting as things get busier and harder; and that God would continue to transform them to look more and more like Jesus. Please pray that even in these last few weeks, God would gather more students to RUF, both Christians and students who do not believe, that they too could encounter Jesus and his church.

Congregational PRAYERS:

  • Congratulations to Gil and Kathleen Dolan on the birth of Anna Beth on April 4, 2016.
  • Sol Edwards recovery from surgery.

Let us join with you in prayer.

Submit your prayer request here.