We are called to be people of prayer. Christ the King wants to encourage you to pray regularly and fervently and understand the importance of allowing others to pray for you.

Congregational Prayers

Our sympathy is extended to Susan and John Ogle in the death of Susan’s mother, to Tracy and Michael Lou in the death of Tracy’s grandmother, and to Lindsay and Casey Lanham in the death of Lindsay’s grandmother.

Our sympathy is extended to DJ and Kami Beaty in the loss of Kami’s grandfather.


Mission PRAYERs

Mission to North America (MNA) Disaster Response coordinates the PCA’s disaster response in the US and Canada. Please pray for all those who have been impacted by recent storms. Pray that more churches and presbyteries would engage in disaster response training in order to prepare for coming events and for more volunteers.


Let us join with you in prayer

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The deacons provide tangible help to members and regular attenders in times of need. The deacons come alongside members and regular attenders to assist with needs like encouragement and prayer, budgeting and financial coaching, helping widows and elderly, financial relief and other ministries of mercy and help. If you have a need and would like to speak with a deacon email

Jason Bennett

Bobby Campbell

Patrick Coffey

Gill Dolan

Matt Dowiak

Tom Fowler

Rob Hays

Sam Huisman

Chris Hunniford

Tim McCay

Mike McClure

Justin Rose

Jonathan Smith

Mike Steveken

Ryan Whitley