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Community Groups

Community Groups at Christ the King are designed for individuals, couples, and families to connect with one another in meaningful ways through fellowship and hospitality, the study of God’s Word, and care for one another and their larger communities.

Christians are, by definition, all united to Christ, and through our union with Jesus are united to one another. We are called to physically gather together as we grow to become more like Christ.

Thus, Community Groups are a place where relationships are cultivated with one another and extended to others so that new friends can be introduced and welcomed. They are a place where members of Christ the King connect and care for each other, and where neighbors and co-workers can be invited to see and know the Lord, so that our faith can be lived and proclaimed in all areas of life.

If you would like to attend a group, please register here.

As you get started, please feel free to check out a few different groups with the intent of then making a meaningful commitment to one group. Community Groups are not an event to attend, but a people to be a part of.

Download Weekly Community Group Questions Here.