City Discipleship Presbyterian Church

With numerous countries, varied geographies, countless islands, and more than 1,000 languages represented across the span of the Asian Crescent, this is one of the most diverse regions in the world. Numerous religions co-exist here, including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but in much of this area, Islam is the dominant religion. In fact, most of the world's Muslims live here. 

The calling of MTW Asian Crescent is to the Muslim peoples of this region. In partnership with Asian churches, MTW teams are planting churches, serving families with special needs children, and discipling new believers. They are leading worship, training pastors and leaders, translating Scripture, teaching refugees, and spearheading health and mercy ministries among marginalized people groups. Each work is strategically aimed toward planting and strengthening Presbyterian churches. The scope of both the needs and the possibilities for faithful ministry in this part of the world is wide, and MTW Asian Crescent is pursuing the advancement of the kingdom of God across that spectrum, confident in the power of our Lord to draw people from every nation to Himself and build His Church. 

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