Spiritual Growth Classes provide an avenue for relationship building, learning, and an opportunity for applying the truths of the gospel to our own lives.  We aim for an environment that is both conversational and relaxed; so you may just choose to listen or ask questions and interact as you connect to Jesus through the teaching of the Bible.  Contact Andrew Flatgard for more information.  Feel free to join any group at any time.  Registration is not required.

9:45 am  Age Range Room Topic
Young Marrieds 23 - 35 B 302

“God’s Heart for All Who Struggle”
The Prophets

Kevin & Jennifer Cassidy
Kevin & Julie Wells
30-Somethings 30's A 305  
“Engaging God and People with Our Whole Heart”
The Psalms
Hugh & Kim Byrd
Pat & Meredith Smith 
The Grove Parents of Teens A 300

“Growing in Grace from the Psalms”

Carter & Meredith Crow
Richard & Susan Colquitt

The Journey All A 308

“Assurance and Joy in Christ”
2 & 3 John, Philippians
John & Cindy Synnott

11:00 am

 Age Range Room Topic
Young Adults 23 - 35 A 301 "Gospel Life in the Real World"

Sarah Bouse, Chris Colquitt & Ryan Whitley

The River All A 300 "Cultural Pressure Points and the Psalms" Richard Colquitt
 Peregrinos All A 310
"Still Changing the World"
 Edgardo Avila