Christ the King Presbyterian Church exists to worship, know, and serve the King so that he is honored and his reign is powerfully extended in Houston and beyond.  Our hope is that you will find a place here to build relationships with others as you grow spiritually.  Please consider the following opportunities to connect this fall:

Spiritual Growth Classes provide an avenue for relationship building, learning, and an opportunity for applying the truths of the gospel to our own lives.  We aim for an environment that is both conversational and relaxed; so you may just choose to listen or ask questions and interact as you connect to Jesus through the teaching of the Bible.  Contact Ashlie Hutton for more information.

9:45 am  Age Range Room Topic
Young Marrieds 23 - 35 B 302
  • Foundations of the Faith
  • Marriage
  • Minor Prophets
  • The Theology of Adoption
Kevin & Jennifer Cassidy
Kevin & Julie Wells
30-Somethings 30s A 305  
  • Ruth
  • Romans
  • Epistles
Hugh & Kim Byrd
Pat & Meredith Smith 
The Grove Parents of Teens A 300
  • Daniel
  • Romans 9 - 11
  • Hard Questions

Carter & Meredith Crow
Richard & Susan Colquitt

The Journey All A 308
  • Matthew
  • 1 John
  • 2 John
  • 3 John
John & Cindy Synnott

11:00 am

 Age Range Room Topic
Young Adults 23 - 35 A 301
  • Romans 13 - 16
  • Mark

Chris Colquitt, Taylor Foran & Ryan Whitley

The River All A 300
  • Daniel
  • The Theology of Culture, Vocation & Leisure
  • Hard Questions
Richard Colquitt
 Peregrinos All A 310
  • 2 Peter
  • Ruth
 Edgardo Avila

In these gospel-centered groups, we form meaningful relationships, care for one another, and study God’s Word. The groups meet in neighborhoods around the city on different days of the week.  Contact Ashlie Hutton or Richard Colquitt for more details. Register online here.

Community groups will resume meeting the week of January 12.  New groups are also forming, to begin in late January. 

Location Day Time Leaders
Christ the King Sunday 5:30 pm Rebecca and Tim Brown
 Christ the King Sunday 5:30 pm Jaime and Patrick Coffey
Christ the King Sunday 5:30 pm Lauren and Brad DeLoach
Christ the King Sunday 5:30 pm Carol and Vic Thomas


7:30 pm

Abby and John Ainsworth & Kathleen and Gill Dolan

Heights Thursday 7:00 pm Kami and D.J. Beaty
Heights Thursday 7:30 pm Erica and Mark DiBella



6:30 pm

Kim and Hugh Byrd

Memorial Thursday 7:00 pm Christi and Ari Pramudji
Memorial Thursday 6:30 pm Cindy and John Synnott & Midge and Frank Whitson


Wednesday 7:30 pm

Jennifer and Kevin Cassidy

North Houston

Saturday (every other)

5:00 pm

 Pat and Dave Randall
Pearland Sunday (2nd & 4th) 5:30 pm Dan and Kathy Puperi & Paul and Catherine Duffin
West Houston Sunday
6:30 pm
Jenny and Eric Levenhagen & Barbara and Tom Fowler

West University/Bellaire


7:00 pm

Kathleen and Al Fenoy

West University Wednesday (every other) 7:30 pm Jenny and Blake Webster

By studying God’s Word, we are working to build a community where men are following Jesus amidst the brokenness in their own lives and in the world around them. We strive to serve and strengthen the church by helping men fix their eyes on Jesus, become more connected to their communities, and grow in grace.

The spring Men's Bible Study will begin its small group studies during the week of January 20.  We will study and discuss Paul Tripp's Sex & Money, Pleasures That Leave You Empty And Grace That Satisfies.  For those participating in our fall study of Hebrews, our small groups will resume the week of January 6, and will conclude prior to the launch of the spring study.  

Contact Richard Colquitt for more information.  Register online here.

 Location Day Time Leaders
Town & Country Tuesday 7:30 pm Jason Miller
Christ the King Tuesday 6:30 am Tyler Reitmeier and George Shannon
River Oaks Baptist Church Tuesday 6:30 am Seth Russell
Oak Forest/Kojak's Cafe Tuesday 7:00 am Matt Dowiak
Heights Tuesday 8:00 pm Mark DiBella and Jim Zucker
Christ the King Friday 7:00 am Richard Colquitt

Our Women’s Bible Studies provide a place for women to grow spiritually through Bible study and prayer.  Through connecting with other women and engaging with God’s Word, we gather to build relationships and grow in grace.  

The spring Women's Bible Study will begin on February 18.  We will study 1 & 2 Thessalonians.  For those participating in our fall study of Mark, that study will resume on January 8 and will continue through February 5.

Contact Anna Allison for more information and register online here.

 Location Day  Time  Dates  Leaders 
Christ the King Tuesday 7:00 - 8:30 pm 2/18 - 4/29 Carolyn Sparkes
Christ the King Wednesday 9:30  - 11:30 am 2/19 - 4/30 Small Group Discussions
Highland Village Wednesday 7:00 - 8:30 pm 2/19 - 4/30 Meredith McCord & Cynthia Johnson

Does your work matter to God? Are you in the right role?  Christ the King Presbyterian Church is committed to helping Christians find the balance between vocation and work so that they can live their lives the way God designed it.  We invite you to take part in any of our Work Matters groups. Please take a look at our Event Calendar or subscribe to the e+Connect for information on upcoming events.