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What About My Kids?

Infants and One year olds:

Are there classes for my infant and one-year-old?

Yes. We provide childcare for infants and one-year-olds during the worship services to allow you to attend a worship service and a Sunday Morning Class. Paid caregivers and volunteers care for the children during the services. Our nursery classes are located on the first floor.

What happens if my child needs me?

If your child needs you during the morning, we will send you a text message. We also have vibrating pagers and will give you one if you prefer.

What if my child needs a nap?

Ask a caregiver to put your child down in the crib room for a nap.

Will you feed my child or give my child a snack?

We will feed your child food or a bottle you provide. Please write instructions on an instruction sheet at drop-off. For six-months-old and older, we offer Gerber Puffs® and Cheerios®. For one-year-old classes we offer water, Cheerios® and Pepperidge Farms® Goldfish®. Please let us know if you would prefer that we not give your child a snack. Please label all items you bring for your child.

Where is the nursing/feeding mother’s room?

We have a private nursing room located on the first floor between the Infant A and B classrooms. Mothers are able to view a live feed of the worship service in the room.


Twos, Threes and Fours:

Are there classes for my 2, 3, and 4-year-old?

We offer care for toddlers during the worship services. Classes are located on the first floor and are staffed with a paid caregiver. During the 9:30 service, church member volunteers teach a Sunday school lesson to the children.

What if I am potty training my child?

Please let our caregivers and volunteers know any special instructions when you drop off your child. We have a restroom in every classroom and caregivers and volunteers can prompt children to “go” when needed.

Do you serve a snack to the toddlers?

Yes. We serve Pepperidge Farms® Goldfish® in our toddler classes. We occasionally serve other snacks to enhance the Sunday school lesson.

What is Wee Worship?

Wee Worship is children’s worship for our three and four-year-olds. We offer Wee Worship during the 11:00 am worship service. Volunteers and caregivers escort children to and from Wee Worship from their classroom.


Are there classes for my Kindergartener through 5th grader?

During the 9:30 service, church member volunteers teach a Sunday school lesson to the children.

Where are the early elementary classes?

Kindergarten - 2nd grade classes are on the second floor. 3D (third grade) meets on the second floor in room A200 and A201.

What is Code 45?

Code 45 is Sunday school for 4th and 5th graders. The Code 45 room is located past the Great Halland the Indoor Playground and up the stairs to the second floor.

Do the elementary children receive snacks?

Yes. Kindergarten through second grade children are given pretzels and water. 3D children have Pepperidge Farms® Goldfish®, pretzels and water. Code 45 offers a variety of snacks and water. Occasionally we offer other snacks to enhance the lesson.

What is Kingdom Kids?

Kingdom Kids is Children’s Worship for Kindergarten through 2nd graders and meets during the 11:00 am service.


Patti Cunningham, Director of Children's Ministry

I hope this answers any questions you may have during your visit on Sunday morning. If you have more questions about Children’s Ministry or want more information, please email or call me at 713-892-5464.