Sunday Morning Classes

Core Classes build the foundation of life together in Christ’s church. From fundamentals of the faith, to relationships, evangelism, and mercy ministry, these half-semester classes will be offered on a recurring basis to provide a comprehensive picture of Christ the King’s core vision and mission.

Called to Follow  |  9:00 AM  |  Starting August 20

The Redeemer Room, 8-Week Class, Teacher: Taylor Leachman

We live in a culture that tells us to be a leader or find our own way. The Gospel tells us that we must first be a follower. We are to “pick up (our) cross and follow” Jesus. What does it look like to follow Jesus? How do we put our faith into action? Join us as we seek to answer these questions and more.

Loving your Neighbor  |  9:00 AM  |  Starting October 29

The Redeemer Room, 8-Week Class, Teacher: Taylor Leachman

God doesn’t just call us as individuals; we’re called to be part of a community. In this class, we’ll learn how to counsel friends, lead small groups, shepherd our households, and serve each other in practical ways.

Connection Classes are ongoing classes that examine different facets of Scripture and the Christian life. More classes are coming soon!

Young Marrieds  |  Exodus  |  9:00 AM  |  Starting August 20

Room A300, Teacher: Brad Wright

In the busyness and ever-changing landscape of building lives and families together, we need constant reminders of God’s continuing faithfulness to us. This lesson is clearly demonstrated in God’s deliverance of Israel in Exodus. Join us as we trace God’s story of redemption of his chosen people, and encourage one another. This class will be facilitated by the VanLohs, Clarks, Foleys and Moores.

The Journey  |  The Christian Life  |  10:30 AM | Starting August 20

Room A300, Teacher: Juan Carlos Martinez

Come to this class to learn more about how to read the Bible and interpret God’s Word by studying “The Christian Life” by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson. God is not distant; he not only sent us Jesus, but he also gave us his Word. Join us as we learn to study his Word where he reveals who he is, what he has done, what he is doing, and what he will do to redeem his world. This class will be facilitated by the Allisons and the Wades.