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Sunday Morning Classes

The Bible is the authoritative Word of God, and the first step in being equipped as a disciple is to know what it says. While our gathered worship on Sunday mornings is a vital component of knowing the Word of God, there are also opportunities outside of worship for adults, students and children to study the Bible.

The following classes will begin on Spetember 9. Join us on August 19 and 26 to learn more and get connected.

Adult Sunday Morning Classes

9:00 am

Class: The Grove
Lead Teacher: Andrés Zelaya
Coordinators: Gill and Kathleen Dolan and Patrick and Molly Johnson
Topic: Old Testament Survey
Description: This class is for young couples and parents with young children.

Class: The Bridge
Lead Teacher: Brad Wright
Coordinators: Paul and Catie Brow
Topic: Old Testament Survey
Description: This class is for
people who are in their mid 30’s to mid 50’s.

The above classes are synchronized with the Children’s Ministry. You will be exploring the same passages and stories that your children are learning. The patriarchs’ struggles and victories very much mirror our own and point us to our covenant-keeping Savior.

Class: Gospel Foundations
Lead Teacher: Taylor Leachman
Coordinator: Rob Hays
Topic: Growing Spiritually
Description: This class is for any adult and will teach you a Biblical guideline and practice for growing in your Christian life. You will learn more about God’s design for spiritual growth and you will begin to grow in your prayer life, your devotional life, and in your faith. This class will be part of the ongoing Gospel Foundations series which will highlight core topics and doctrines that are essential to our mission, vision and values.

10:30 am

Class: The Journey
Lead Teacher: Juan Carlos Martinez
Coordinators: John and Anna Allison, Neal and Marion Wade, and Kent and Marilynn Johnson
Title: Reality Check: The World According to Jesus
Description: This class is for adults in their late 50’s and beyond.Matthew’s Gospel presents Jesus as the culmination of Jewish history, the pinnacle of God’s story of redemption. Jesus speaks extensively on the relationship between Scripture, God’s people and the world-at-large. Join RUF-Rice Campus Minister Juan Carlos Martinez for this dive into some of Jesus’ most notable teachings.