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Parishes at Christ the King

Parishes are a great way to get connected at Christ the King. Parishes are geographically-based communities that allow us to intentionally shepherd and care for one another in a city as large and complex as Houston.

Parishes provide a place where relationships with members and those in the surrounding community can deepen. Parish members are devoted to praying with and for one another, caring for each other, and interacting with their surrounding community. Every member of Christ the King belongs to a parish and is encouraged to actively participate in parish gatherings, prayer, and care. It is our belief that parishes better enable us to reach Houston for Christ and renew lives by grace.

Every member and regular attender of Christ the King is automatically belongs to a parish based on where they live. If you have any questions, email Catherine Duffin.


Frequestly Asked Questions

What is a parish?

A parish is a geographically-based community where Christ the King members live and where shepherding, care, and missional initiative take place under the leadership of a church elder.


Who is in a parish?

Every member of Christ the King belongs to the parish that encompasses his or her geographical region of Houston and is encouraged to actively participate in the life of his or her parish.


How do parishes align with Christ the King’s mission and vision?

Parishes reach Houston for Christ by providing an environment where people can show hospitality to one another, build relationships with other members and neighbors, and get involved in the community. Parishes renew lives by grace by welcoming all members and visitors into community with one another where formal shepherding can take place.


What does a parish do?

Parish members gather together, usually quarterly, to provide an opportunity for relationships to form and deepen. Parish members are committed to praying and caring for one another. The parish community becomes a means through which life is lived together. Parish members extend hospitality to new members, visitors, and neighbors.

Each parish is led by one Parish Elder who oversees a team of lay leaders to coordinate parish gatherings, meals ministry, and prayer for parish members and the surrounding community. (See below)


Who is shepherding the parish?

Each parish is led by one Parish Elder and a team of church officers and lay women and men assigned to shepherd and care for the individuals and families of each parish. These leaders live within the geographic region to which they are extending shepherding and care.


What is the difference between a community group, a small group, and a parish?

Community groups are small groups of people who gather within the larger parish community. They are usually organized as smaller geographic neighborhoods within the larger geographic parish. Community group members meet weekly or bi-monthly to study Scripture, grow together, and care for one another. Community groups are like parishes in that they are organized geographically; however, they meet with more regularity and as a smaller group. There may be several community groups meeting within a single parish.

A small group is not necessarily geographically based and includes groups of various purposes. Some small groups are organized by stage of life; others are organized by where members work; and others are organized through a specific Bible study curriculum. Small groups are not related to parishes or community groups because they are not geographically based.

Parishes differ from community groups and small groups in both size and purpose. Parishes are larger groups that account for every member of Christ the King and serve to connect a broader range of members with one another. A parish allows all members to experience care through geographically-based relational connection, connection between the elders and members, and prayer for one another throughout the year. Parish involvement is not a replacement for involvement in a community group, which Christ the King values as an important component of parish ministry.


Do I have to choose between being in a parish and a community group?

No. All Christ the King members belong to a parish based on where they live geographically within the city of Houston. Members are encouraged to join one of the community groups within their parish. Community groups are a means by which church members can participate in more in-depth relational care and spiritual growth within parishes. Christ the King encourages all members to join a community group to enhance the relational care that occurs in the larger setting of a parish.


Are relationships at Christ the King only formed within parishes?

No. Parishes are a helpful way of organizing Christ the King members for shepherding, care, and relational depth throughout the regular work week.  But, there are many other opportunities for relationships to form at Christ the King, such as gathered worship, Sunday School, and small group Bible studies.