Christ the King functions under the presbyterian form of church government. The congregation elects elders and deacons to serve as the officers of the church.


Elders (known as ruling elders) along with the pastors (called teaching elders) are responsible for the church's governance and spiritual oversight.   The elders primary tasks are the pastoral care of the congregation and the fiduciary duties on behalf of the congregation to ensure the mission of the church is being executed according to the vision and values of the church.

Tim Brown

John Durie

George Shannon

Hugh Byrd

Clay Holland

Alan Smith

Cody Dick

Chris Pine

Kevin Wells

Ryan Dolibois

Kyle Pounds

Paul Duffin

Richard Robuck



The deacons provide tangible help to members and regular attenders in times of need. The deacons come alongside members and regular attenders to assist with needs like encouragement and prayer, budgeting and financial coaching, helping widows and elderly, financial relief and other ministries of mercy and help. If you have a need and would like to speak with a deacon email

Bobby Campbell

Rob Hays

Justin Rose

Ryan Whitley

Kevin Cassidy

Chris Hunniford

Jonathan Smith


Patrick Coffey

Eric Levenhagen

Mike Steveken

Gill Dolan

Tim McCay

John Synnott

Tom Fowler

Mike McClure

Anthony Urbani