Mission Principles


We are a community of God’s people.

  • Because we are the body of Christ, we are committed to exuding the warmth and grace of Jesus throughout the Church.
  • Because we have been redeemed into Christ’s new community, we will be intentional in cultivating community.
  • Because we are family, we are passionate about caring for one another.
  • Because we are all gifted to serve our King, we will connect our people to opportunities for ministry.
  • Because of the gospel, we will be a community with an outward face.

We are a believing community.

  • We are committed to the historic, reformed faith, a redemptive historic, “Christ-centered” understanding of the Bible, and transformation by grace.
  • We will winsomely and carefully preserve our theological distinctiveness and intentionally instill into our people our theological vision (CTK DNA).
  • We’re eager to breed a culture that respects people, encourages questions, appreciates that we are all in-process and none of us have ‘arrived’. We will strive therefore to engage people without becoming combative.
  • We believe our theology must always be connected to our worship (the head to the heart) — theology unto doxology.

We are a worshipping community.

  • Because we are created to worship, to find in God our full enjoyment, life, love, satisfaction, purpose and identity, we are committed to the primacy of worship and regard our corporate worship each Sunday to be the heartbeat of our life together.
  • Our worship is a liturgical blend of reverential awe and liberating joy, centered upon the gospel and Christ-exalting, with a careful balance of form and freedom, the old and new, that maximizes participation.
  • Because we believe in doxological evangelism (Psalm 96) and know the best place for the unbeliever is in the context of authentic worship, we will be a church of ‘bringers’ not just ‘comers.’
  • Because we eagerly expect and anticipate unbelievers are present with us as we worship, we aim to be comprehensible, sympathetic, and gracious in all we do to all who are present with us.

We are a transformational community.

  • We are committed to the power of the gospel to transform the human heart.
  • Because we are called to be instruments of transformation in our Redeemer’s hands, we will pursue one another in love.
  • As a people of grace, we encourage an environment where people are free to struggle, eager to pray with and for one another, and practice biblical peacemaking.

We are a Kingdom-extending community.

  • Because we exist to powerfully extend Christ’s Kingdom, every component of the church’s life has an outward face.
  • Because God is at work healing the world’s brokenness, putting things right, we will love our city and world and serve as our Redeemer’s instruments of justice and compassion.
  • Because we are the light of the world, we will not retreat from it or attack it, but lovingly, creatively engage it, encouraging Kingdom entrepreneurship.
  • Because God is at work advancing his Kingdom and using the church as his primary instrument, we will be a risky and prayerful church, regularly stepping out in ways that demonstrate faith.
  • We will develop partnerships that enable us most responsibly to extend the Kingdom locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • We will encourage one another to befriend unbelievers in relationships characterized by love and service, that they might come to know the King.
  • We are committed to being a Kingdom-resourcing center, existing not primarily for ourselves, but as a movement in Houston and beyond.