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The secret to making sense of marriage is understanding that it requires skills; abilities in our hearts and character that we often don't have. We run into conflict or emotional need, and presto, we have marriage problems. Our Finders/Keepers marriage conference this year will be aimed at demystifying the skills and abilities that we all need to make our romantic relationship thrive. No one is the "bad guy." You both are coming to marriage with blindspots that need to be filled. Let's learn to work together to become a more whole couple.
Our conference will speak to married couples about the abilities you may be lacking that lie behind your relational struggles. We will point singles in the right direction as they prepare for marriage.  What abilities will you need in order to do marriage well? To top it off, we will have special focus on issues of relational closeness and conflict resolution.

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Friday, March 31

5:30 - 6:30 pm
Eat dinner with your friends and family in the Great Hall
Reserve your meal when you register here
6:30-8:00 pm
Session One
8:00-8:30 pm
Q & A

Session One: Marriage is a Skill...and you can learn to do it better!!

Many marriages end up with couples blaming each other for their struggles.  "If only you...!!!"  The truth is that all of us come to marriage with an incomplete toolbox for making a romantic relationship work.  This session will overview the basic heart skills that we need (whether married or searching) to love and be loved well.


Saturday, April 1

8:30 - 9:00 am
Coffee and a light breakfast will be available
9:00 - 11:00 am
Session Two & Session Three
11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Q & A

Session Two: Intimacy and Strength:  How to Make Closeness Work

Marriage was created for closeness, but some people fear it; some people need it too much.  Emotional Intimacy can become the epicenter of tons of marital conflict.  This session will address making sense of sharing our heart, and receiving our spouse's heart?  How can we learn better what intimacy is?  What do we do if our spouse struggles with being emotionally close?

Session Three: Conflict and Fighting:  Learning to Both Matter

Any relationship that has two thinking people in it will have conflict.  It's how we make sense of not being the same person!!  This session will address preventing conflict from turning in to a fight?  How do we resolve a fight once it starts?  And how do we resolve conflict in such a way that lets both people matter?


The Houstonian

Make this conference a retreat for you and your friends and/ or your spouse. We have a block of rooms reserved at The Houstonian at a discounted rate of $169/ night for Friday and Saturday night.

To reserve a room, please call The Houstonian directly at 713-680-2626 and request a "Christ the King Marriage Conference" room. For questions, please contact Shannon Holland.


Our Speaker: Dr. John Cox

Dr. John L. Cox is a clinical psychologist and has been in practice at Live Oak Psychological Associates for 28 years in Jackson, MS. He received his B.A. in Psychology and English from the University of Mississippi and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Reformed Theological Seminary. Dr. Cox received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology in Los Angeles. He has been married for 33 years to Norma and has 3 daughters, ages 30, 27, and 24. He is also a deacon at First Presbyterian Church of Jackson. Dr. Cox specializes in individual psychotherapy with adults as well as marital therapy, parent consultation and therapy for adolescents and children. In his free time, Dr. Cox loves to cook and sail.


After the Conference

Counseling Group - Reclaiming Love: Improving Communication and Appreciation in Marriage

Nancy Wilson, Counselor at Wilson Counseling, and Leslie Peacock, Director of Counseling at Christ the King, will lead a 4-week counseling group focused on growing your skills and abilities in your marriage. This group will meet on Sundays from 5:30-7:00pm at Christ the King on April 2, 9, 23, and 30.  The cost is $200 per couple with scholarships available. 

This group will cover topics such as how to deal with conflict without hurting your spouse, how to improve communication, recovering the romance in your relationship, and enjoying the benefits of a deep connected partnership. If you are interested in attending or if you have questions, please contact Leslie Peacock at 713-400-6715.

Exploring the Meaning of Marriage Adult Sunday Morning Class

Starting 4/2 - 5/21 at 9:30 am, The Redeemer Room
Following our Marriage Conference, we will continue the conversation in an Adult Sunday Morning Class. Using Tim Keller's The Meaning of Marriage curriculum, this class will learn through personal testimonials and group discussion. If you need to purchase the book, you can find it here.

April 2 - Service in Marriage
With Clay and Shannon Holland

April 9 - Roles in Marriage
With Taylor and Julianna Leachman

April 23 - Friendship in Marriage
With Paul and Catherine Duffin

April 30 - Communication in Marriage
With Brad and Jaime Wright

May 7 - Conflict and Intimacy in Marriage
With Nancy Wilson

May 14 - Kids and Marriage
With Ryan and Kim Dolibois

May 21 - Hope in Marriage
With Taylor and Julianna Leachman