Discover Christ the King

Our desire is that as many people as possible would hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and come to know and love him.


God is at work in our lives, drawing us into deeper relationship and renewing us so that we may know Jesus deeply and become like him. This inner renewal is not something we bring about by ourselves. A changed life is the gift of God, accomplished by his grace at work in our lives.

Christ The King church intends for all members to be involved in a small group in order to process life together and to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. A disciple of Jesus Christ grows through worshipping God with his people, through time in the Word of God, prayer, service and through living life in a community of people intent on growing in faith together. Toward these ends, we offer practices of spiritual formation. We encourage everyone at Christ the King to become involved in a small group such as a Sunday Morning Class, Bible Study or Community Group.

Jennifer VanLoh



As the Membership and Assimilation Coordinator, I hope you will allow me to serve you and answer questions for you along the way.  It gives me great joy to help new people get plugged in and established in our community.  I know from years of experience that these next steps are vital to your spiritual growth and care in our church. I look forward to meeting you and helping you make connections here at Christ the King.

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