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Disaster Relief

2018 has seen many natural disasters. We continue to point you to our denomination's disaster response organization for volunteer opportunities, prayer requests and monetary donations.

Paradise Lost – California Wildfire Response

MNA Disaster Response is working with Ridge Presbyterian Church, a lovely multi-site congregation with preaching points in Paradise and Chico. The church physical plant in Paradise was incinerated along with every member’s home. This is perhaps the largest loss of PCA owned homes in our denominational history, and likely the most traumatic disaster event that has ever affected one of our congregations. Fortunately, our church family living in Chico and other places whose homes were spared have taken in families who lost their homes. Click here to read more and find out more. Click here to make an online donation.

Hurricane Michael – Ready for Volunteers

Hurricane Florence – Volunteers Needed

Puerto Rico – Scheduling Volunteers for 2019 Now

Mission to North America exists to celebrate and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the United States and Canada by coming alongside the local and regional church in Church Planting, Missional Partnerships, and Church Renewal. For ministry information, look for subjects of interest to you, or search on key words. To donate to MNA or a specific MNA ministry, click here.

We’d also like to mention that as we pass the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s arrival and hear of new storms hitting our coasts, many of us might experience some of the same feelings we had a year ago following the storm and its aftermath. Harvey left many of us feeling powerless, anxious, overwhelmed and hopeless.

If this natural disaster is bringing up psychological trauma, please contact our Counseling Center. You can contact them at 713-400-6715 or

Finally, if you are still recovering from Harvey and are in need of support, please contact our Diaconate. They are here to provide tangible help to members and regular attenders in times of need. To speak with a deacon, e-mail